Founded in 1981, the mission of our Branch is to help advance equity for women and girls in Utah through advocacy and education. We provide intellectually challenging programs for our community, scholarships for local students and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Camp, eSMART, for seventh grade girls.

Our strong leadership and hard working members who support our mission in many ways (including volunteering for committees, participating in our special events and attending our monthly programs) make the St. George Branch of AAUW extremely successful in our endeavors. That makes it very satisfying to be a member!

Membership is open to women and men who share our vision. Join today!

B.A. Secrist
B.A. Secrist
Co-Secretary Daphne Selbert
Daphne Selbert
Co-VP of Finance Gayle Sorenson
Co-VP of Finance
Gayle Sorenson
Co-VP of Finance Sandy Ghio
Co-VP of Finance
Sandy Ghio
Co-VP of Membership
Co-VP of Membership
Tina Harris
Co-VP of Membership Lois Diehl
Co-VP of Membership
Lois Diehl
Co-VP of Communication Peggy Schneiders
Co-VP of Communications
Peggy Schneider
Co-VP of Communications
Cameron Carlson
Co-VP of Programs Marsha Besch
Co-VP of Programs
Marsha Besch
Co-VP of Programs
Shannon Anderson
Board Advisor Angie Thoburn
Board Advisor
Angie Thoburn
Past President Nan Bujold
Past President
Nan Bujold

Appointed Committee Chairs

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Erin O’Brien
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Jane Blackwell
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Public Policy LAF/EOF, members
Kay Ackerman and Carol Nichols
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Scholarship Committee
Jill Lander and Angela Culley

Branch Documents

AAUW Mandatory Compliance Requirements: October 30, 2017
Adopted by membership March 2, 2015
Adopted by Branch Board of Directors December 14, 2015

Last Revised March 9, 2020


501(c)(3) Tax ID: 46-4440807

AAUW Saint George Branch is always navigating toward a better future for women and girls through our programs and through the work of members and supporters like you.
AAUW Saint George Branch is a non-profit IRC 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We share our financial statements and tax returns to encourage confidence with our members and others who support our work through their generous donations of time and money.

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