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COVID-19 Update: Camp 2021 is on! However, we do have some modifications in place to keep everyone safe. Please read below for details.

We are so excited to be back!!!!! The DSU campus is supporting in-person summer programs for youth with some restrictions.

This four-day and three-night summer camp can accommodate up to 64 girls. Campers stay in a DSU dorm and get to experience what it’s like to be in college while exploring science, math, and related technologies.

It’s 2021 and COVID-19 is an issue. We don’t want to miss another year so we are running eSMART as a shorter day camp to keep everyone safe since our campers won’t be eligible for vaccines until after camp. We will provide campers with lunch, t-shirts, and necessary supplies. The good news is that camp will be MUCH cheaper this year since we aren’t paying for dorms or two additional meals a day -it’s just $75 and we do still have financial assistance available.

In 2021 camp will be June 2-4. Camp will run from 9-3:30 every day (with pick-up and drop-off just before and after those times since that will be when activities start), but we are still finalizing our schedules. Registered campers will get the exact times as soon as we have them.

Masks will be required at all times except during lunch. The groups in each workshop will be reduced in size and the total number of campers will also be reduced to help minimize the risk to participants. We know that everyone is tired of pandemic precautions, but we are a STEM camp and will take science seriously.

Camper Information

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Please note that all returning campers are automatically waitlisted.
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While we love the enthusiasm of younger girls, eSMART is specifically designed for girls entering 8th grade. If your girl is entering the 9th grade and missed eSMART last year, please contact Dr. O'Brien ( to see if we can accommodate your needs.

If your girl is entering the 7th grade in fall 2018, please wait until she is the right grade. No matter how mature your girl is, we have found that these younger girls require more attention than camp staff can provide -especially in a setting with older campers.

There are a number of excellent STEM summer activities for younger girls in the St. George area. For more information on some of these, please visit

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We have a limited amount of need-based financial aid available to help with the $75 registration fee for qualifying campers. Financial information and a statement of need is required now for consideration. Additional information may also be requested. Fee waivers are determined on a first-come, first-served as much as possible so earlier registrations are more likely to receive full or partial waivers. You are not committing to paying the full $75 by registering if you need a waiver. ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.

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We want to get to know you before you come to camp so we can plan activities that you will love.

What is your favorite science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) topic and why? What STEM classes have you taken? What do you like to do for fun? You may write up to 500 words.

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