Red Cliffs Notes – February 2021

February 2021 Attached is the latest edition of our new newsletter: 

AAUW Comment Period Now Open through 2/5/21

Dear AAUW Member, As we reflect on the state of our country and the deep-rooted beliefs that perpetuate an unequal society, we must consider the role and impact of AAUW and its members in upholding our core values. In pursuing our vision of equity for all, we need to recognize and eliminate the barriers we put… Read more »

AAUW Responds to Capitol Assault

Dear AAUW Member, On Wednesday, January 6, our nation watched in horror as our democracy came under attack in an unlawful and violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol. As AAUW’s National office is based in Washington, D.C., the personal safety of our staff and their families was at risk as armed insurgents took to the… Read more »

Red Cliffs Notes – January 2021

January 2021 Attached is the latest edition of our new newsletter: 

It’s AAUW’s Art Contest Time!

Calling all AAUW Artists: It’s that time of year again! AAUW’s 12th annual art contest opens January 6, and your work could be among the winning entries. To enter, submit your photography or a digital photo of your painting, drawing, sculpture, collage or other form of art through the AAUW website. All entries are accepted,… Read more »

Christmas Message from the President

Hello AAUW Members and Family, I want to Wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season. In past years we have enjoyed wonderful January in-person events, however this season won’t permit safe gathering. Our Gala program this year is”Giving Without Going”. Our fundraising team is working hard to share wonderful programs with you. These programs… Read more »

Giving without Going… Sneak Peak!

Along with many cherished celebrations, the annual AAUW St. George branch Gala Fundraiser is no exception to the traditions we have had to re-think this year. While the circumstances of our fundraising have changed, the need has not! Our advocacy programs rely on your generosity. Our mission continues, no matter how we go about it…. Read more »

Red Cliffs Notes – December 2020

December 2020 Attached is the latest edition of our new newsletter:

Message from President, December 2020

Hello AAUW Members I hope you are staying safe at this very difficult time. I want to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! The pandemic has made it impossible to gather with our luncheons. We are doing monthly Zoom Webinars to replace the luncheons, and I hope you will join us by going… Read more »

Book Drives

Several of us have discovered two community book drives for children this holiday season, and we thought they are worth a share! Although these are not Branch sponsored activities, we felt that they would be of interest to many of you who are interested in empowering young readers (go girls!) with quality and engaging literature!… Read more »