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AAUW Mandatory Compliance Requirements: October 30, 2017
Adopted by membership March 2, 2015
Adopted by Branch Board of Directors December 14, 2015

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Last Revised: June 6, 2016

2018 Annual Business Meeting Financials Reports

Balance Sheet FY 2017-18
July 2018 Statement of Activities

Presidential Summary of Financial Review

I would like to review the financial concerns, what occurred and where we are today.

Many are aware that some members expressed concerns and had questions during our April luncheon regarding how numbers were obtained for the creation of our 2018-2019 budget, and it was requested that an audit be conducted of the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 financials.

The Board created a Finance committee who began meeting in May. This Finance committee is composed of Gayle Sorenson (lawyer and CPA), Marianne Sorensen (past-president and lawyer), Sherry Floerschinger (who works at DSU) and me.

This committee worked with our CPA, Doug Solstad, to be able to present options of financials reviews to the board, and the Board decided to move forward with a financial review using Doug and our Finance committee. This work included closing of the 2017-2018 financial books and recommendations for streamlining our accounts. The work was conducted over the course of the summer and findings were presented to the Board and Membership in August.

The result was that we found no misappropriation of funds and we walked away with a list of recommendations to decrease our risk and tighten our processes. What you will begin seeing are financial statements posted on our website. The financials should be easier to understand. The Board’s desire is to be transparent. We have transitioned our desktop version of Quick Books to a cloud version. We have adopted new Finance P&P to guide us moving forward and making it easier for any new board members to follow our new practices.

I would also like to address the impact on our organization, both as a whole, and to individuals. First, the questions asked were valid, and in pursing the answers, we found opportunities to improve. We will be stronger and better for this.

Second, we have put a process in place where individual voices can be heard. This process is expressing those voices during our Board meetings, where discussions can be thoughtfully pursued.

Our “we” voice needs to be heard in this community in support of our mission, our goals and the values we bring to women.

Personally, I am profoundly sad and sorry for the individuals (many previous Board members and others) who felt criticized, accused of wrong-doing and their reputations damaged. We can be and do better. As women, we have space in our hearts big enough to hold sadness while we continue use our capacity to learn and grow to make this a better organization.

Our roots are strong and our trunk is study. Our tree tops have swayed in the storm; we have branches that are broken and clean up to do. All I ask of you is to help us in this period of transition so that we can still provide shade for the weary, oxygen when we need to take a deep breath and fruit to nourish our work.

Thank you.

– Gay Cunningham, President

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