World Precision Medicine in Southern Utah


World Precision Medicine in Southern Utah

That’s the title of the presentation Don Tarinelli, National Business Development Director, Intermountain Precision Genomics will be making at the AAUW St. George Branch luncheon on November 7, 2016. His discussion will include:

Don Tarinelli

Don Tarinelli
  • What is cancer genomics and how can it extend life for late stage cancer patients.
  • History behind Intermountain Precision Genomics and why in St. George.
  • The future of cancer care in St. George, (new building and Immuno-oncology)’

For the past several years Intermountain Healthcare has been studying precision medicine and has developed its nationally leading Precision Cancer Genomics program. The program has been recognized for being able to conduct DNA testing that usually matches advanced cancer patients with medications that lengthen lifespan and improve quality of life, all at about the same cost of traditional cancer therapies.

It’s a rare person in St. George who has not been impacted by cancer. This is sure to be a fascinating and informative luncheon. Make your reservation today.

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